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Creating vulnerability management programs built to act and adapt

WannaCry was a wake–up call to the impact distributed cybercrime can have globally. Vulnerability prioritization that didn’t take into account the known threat posed by the EternalBlue exploit fell short, leaving organizations exposed to huge risk — or worse, attacked.

Don’t fall victim to the next WannaCry. Learn how to pivot to a threat–centric vulnerability management approach that is based on intelligence gathered from the dark web:

Understand how the new era of distributed, commercialized crimeware threatens your organization and why you need a new approach to vulnerability management
Protect against the next incarnation of malware, using daily threat intelligence on vulnerabilities exploited in the wild, those with published exploits and those used in ransomware, malware, exploit kits, etc.
Focus action on your most critical vulnerabilities — those exploited in the wild and exposed in your network — to proactively reduce the chance of a successful attack
Use firewall and security policy management tools to protect your network perimeter and identify/block risky third-party access paths into your network

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Kevin Flynn

Director Product Marketing, Skybox Security

Kevin Flynn is Director of Worldwide Product Marketing at Skybox Security. Prior to joining Skybox Security in August 2016, Kevin was Director of Product Marketing at Blue Coat Systems. He has over 25 years of experience in high tech and has been involved in cyber security technologies for over 15 of those years. His high tech experience started at Apple Computer where he was a product manager in Apple’s Advanced Technology Group. Kevin then spent over a dozen years at Cisco as a product manager and marketing manager in their security technology organization. After leaving Cisco, Kevin moved over to Fortinet for three years before joining Blue Coat in 2013. He is a frequent speaker on cyber security topics at conferences worldwide and has authored numerous articles on cyber security issues.

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