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Attention to government cybersecurity capabilities is greater now than ever as nation-states, cybercriminals and hacktivists increasingly target and disrupt government networks. Amidst this threat advance, security teams are tasked with securing ambitious digital transformation programs and managing complex and siloed network environments — all while contending with stretched resources and scrutinized budgets.

How can government agencies counteract these threats and demonstrate the necessary compliance with strict policies to protect their program and its jurisdiction?

In this webinar, Osterman Research President Mike Osterman and Skybox Security Federal Director Tony Garland will explain how to transform technology, processes and teams to transform security management in government agencies.

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  • Implement proactive strategies to reduce risk, maintain cyber hygiene and improve cyber resilience
  • Gain visibility of complex networks and audit affectiveness of security controls
  • Build systems to reveal the relationship between infrastructure, assets and vulnerabilities to ensure laser-focused remediation priorities
  • Align teams, free up resources and support innovation in your agency

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