Focused Rule Recertification Strategies That Simplify Cybersecurity Management

As entire workforces have been forced to work remotely, the pressure placed on corporate security teams has grown greater than ever. Managing the security of a constantly changing network presents a number of significant challenges, chief among them the ability to maintain compliance and reduce risk.

In this 30 minute session, Skybox Security’s Technical Director Peter Hughes explains how the world’s largest and most complex organizations are finding focus among the chaos by using context-aware planning and risk assessment to end risky changes and employing customizable workflows and automation to speed up their firewall change processes.

Watch the on-demand session to learn:

  • Why recertifying firewall rules is critical
  • How to attribute rules to specific owners and service tags
  • Which techniques should be used to ensure that rules are reviewed more urgently and with greater frequency
  • How to build and operate a rule recertification workflow that works for your organization
  • The benefits of using automation to remote spreadsheets from the recertification process

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