Automatically flag violations and ensure continuous compliance

Many companies are now operating with a “cloud-first” mindset, leading to an explosion in the deployment of new cloud services. It’s important that the security surrounding these services doesn’t get overlooked.

Organizations which have invested in Zscaler Cloud Firewall will recognize this need. Now, with this Skybox integration, they can be confident in the strength of the controls which enforce their security policies.

In this technical workshop, Skybox Security's Technical Director Martin Field will explain the finer details of Skybox’s integration with Zscaler Cloud Firewall, demonstrating how it gives Zscaler customers the ability to ensure they’re adhering to policies and to automatically flag violations.

Register now and watch this technical workshop to learn how to:

  • Configure Skybox to connect and retrieve information from the Zscaler infrastructure
  • Gain visibility of Zscaler infrastructure and perform access analysis
  • Perform compliance analysis
  • Automate the identification and tracking of changes made to Zscaler policies
  • Identify and fix any conflicting rules
  • And understand how Skybox enhances Zscaler’s cloud security offering

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