The pitfalls vulnerability management without context

According to a recent survey, 46% of global businesses have experienced a cybersecurity scare since shifting to a remote workforce, with 49% anticipating a data breach or security incident in the next month.

The threat landscape is volatile right now, and enterprises are understandably concerned. Security budgets are being reprioritized, with some shifting investments heavily to discovery tools like vulnerability scanners and EDRs. These investments could be wasted if prioritization strategies are not in place to make use of the data they produce.

Watch this on demand webinar to explore risk-based vulnerability management strategies that ensure data is properly contextualized and remediation is focused on risk. We discuss:

  • How disparate, unmerged data undermines the entire vulnerability management process
  • Automating threat-centric vulnerability prioritization with the use of intelligence feeds
  • The game-changer of vulnerability exposure analysis to understand and mitigate unique risks in your organization
  • Improving incident response processes with on-demand visibility

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