Insight that enables you to secure data within your Microsoft Azure products

Microsoft is known for its transparency as well as the strong levels of security within its products and services. But it’s important to remember that while Microsoft is responsible for the security of the Azure Firewall and Azure Public Cloud, you remain responsible for the security of the data within your Azure service.

In order to secure these data, you need to have seamless visibility across the physical, virtual and multi-cloud networks that sit within your security environment. By integrating Azure data into your Skybox solution, you gain the ability to assess the security controls of your cloud-based assets and analyze both east-west and north-south traffic.

In this 30 minute technical workshop, Skybox Security’s Senior Solutions Engineer Rich Taber will explain the benefits of the Skybox integration before giving a hands-on demonstration of the solution that covers configuration, visualization, compliance analysis and policy management.

Watch now to:

  • Learn how to configure Skybox to connect and retrieve information from the Azure Firewall and Azure Public Cloud
  • See how Skybox’s network map offers visibility into the Azure Firewall and Azure Public Cloud infrastructure, and provides the ability to perform access analysis
  • Understand how Skybox is used to identify and track changes made to the Azure Firewall Policy, and to identify conflicting rules in the Azure firewall policy using shadow and redundant rule analysis

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