Examining Skybox’s Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report Mid-Year Update

The first six months of 2020 have brought about unprecedented change. While organizations have been focused on protecting their employees’ health and weathering the economic storm, it may come as no surprise that criminality has thrived amid the chaos. But vulnerability and threat data from this period also bear out some interesting trends.

Watch the webinar based on security analysts’ research of the vulnerabilities, threats and attacks impacting cybersecurity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar will expand on key points from the mid-year update to Skybox Security’s 2020 Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report, including:

  • The surge of new vulnerabilities likely to be reported in 2020 — more than 20,000, setting a new record
  • The increase of new ransomware and trojan samples during the pandemic
  • A 50% rise in new OT security advisories, pointing to the risk of critical infrastructure from nation-state and criminal threats
  • The increase in mobile and browser-based vulnerabilities at a time when personal and corporate networks overlap more than ever

Also, learn how insights to the data can help your organization shape your cybersecurity strategy to counter an exceedingly volatile threat landscape during and after the pandemic.

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