Improving Firewall Rulesets to Secure Your Distributed Workforce

The abrupt shift to remote working has caused long-lasting repercussions for security teams. Now that the dust has settled, organisations are facing the reality of securing a massively expanded attack surface. The need for robust and accurate processes has never been clearer.

In order to secure your distributed workforce, you need to be working with clean firewall. Continually growing rulesets that aren’t created with proactive management in mind will slow down firewalls and could make compliance impossible. Improving firewall optimization and cleanup capabilities is critical if you want to thrive in this new era.

Watch this session On-Demand to learn:

  • The benefits of using Skybox to cleanup firewall rulesets
  • How to configure Skybox to identify different optimization opportunities
  • The four step process for cleaning up your firewall rulebase
  • How to create reports, dashboards and data extracts to facilitate the cleanup process.
  • How to embed this analysis capability into a repeatable rule review/rule recertification process.

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