Get unprecedented visibility into your attack surface using Skybox path analysis

Today’s hybrid network spanning on-prem and multi-cloud networks have unleashed a level of complexity unseen in cybersecurity before. Understanding the connections and shared risks between these networks can seem an insurmountable task, especially considering their scale and rapid pace of change.

With Skybox Network Assurance, you can make sense of these hybrid infrastructures and the access between and within them. Analyze network paths end to end across physical, virtual, cloud and even operational technology networks, and illuminate complex security zones, accessibility and policy compliance violations.

In this workshop we’ll discuss:

  • Network visualization: View a graphical representation of your network and check inventory tables sorted according to various criteria (e.g., all firewalls, all entities in location A, or all assets by operating system or by service)
  • Configuration compliance: Check the configuration of your devices against best-practice policy
  • Access analysis: Plan and troubleshoot connectivity by performing path analysis from a source to a destination or multiple destinations
  • Network access compliance: Ensure compliance with your access policy throughout your hybrid network

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