How to prescribe change management decisions by leveraging full context and understanding of the attack surface.

The dramatic acceleration of digital transformation that we’ve experienced over the past six months to support a distributed workforce and remote business operations is here to stay and also a game changer for security and IT teams.  It is no longer possible to securely manage this rapid change with siloed security management processes, insufficient validation of security and network configurations, and immature vulnerability management programs.  To effectively address these challenges, changes to networks and security configurations need to be backed by first having full context and understanding of the attack surface.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar to see how Skybox Security can enable your team to see around corners and gain visibility into the entirety of your network by:

  • Unifying security policy and network configuration analytics to model change before it happens.
  • Enabling context-aware policy changes with network path analysis and attack simulation.
  • Proactively simulating policy changes to mitigate vulnerability exposure.
  • Validating policies and rules to maintain compliance and reduce risk.

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