Creating and managing security zones in network infrastructure ensures traffic flows to be secure. Micro-segmentation of these security zones provides a more granular and effective security policy.

Skybox access compliance manages data flow between security zones in data centers and cloud deployments, allowing companies to separate individual workloads and secure them effectively. Using Skybox, infrastructure visualization plays a critical role in the foundation of a sensible micro-segmentation strategy. Visualization makes both activity in IT and cloud environments easier for security teams to understand.

Skybox access compliance dashboards help you to understand the traffic coming into the data center in a north-south direction, identifying violations according to industry best practices. Micro-segmentation also allows security teams to apply the principle of least privilege access more extensively throughout cloud environments. This, as we know provides a far more effective security defense posture than traditional network controls.

In this on-demand workshop by Skybox's Technical Director Debjyoti Guha, you will learn how Skybox helps:

  • Reduce attack surface by the application of least privilege principle for hybrid environments
  • Develop capabilities to prevent unwanted lateral movement of suspicious data in these new environments.
  • Organizations improve their regulatory compliance posture. Segments of the IT infrastructure containing regulated data can be isolated and thus, compliant usage can be better enforced.

Towards the end of this session, you’ll understand how Skybox gives companies greater control over the growing amount of east-west or lateral communication that occurs between servers, bypassing perimeter-focused security tools. When breaches occur, micro-segmentation limits the potential lateral exploration of networks by hackers.

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