How Skybox Security helps organizations adapt and thrive in a changing environment

Security Yearbook 2020 author and cybersecurity analyst Richard Stiennon and Skybox Security CEO Gidi Cohen host a fireside chat to discuss security highlights from this past year and share predictions about what could unfold in 2021. The session will explore the radical changes to cybersecurity priorities that have occurred, set against the backdrop of pandemic and global financial crisis. In a year of profound shifts within cybersecurity, the speakers will discuss how the game has changed and how organizations will need to adapt in order to thrive in 2021.

Areas of discussion include:

  • Is 2021 finally the year of cloud security?
  • Will the acceleration of digital transformation bring about security transformation?
  • As enterprises define and embrace a version of a ‘new normal,’ will we witness yet another wave of destabilization and increased exposures?
  • Will we move from detect and respond to prescribe and predict?
  • Will this era of radical change bring about the end of security point products?

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