Watch this fireside chat with IDC to hear how CISOs are positioning security as a business enabler in the new normal

The CISO has achieved a position of greater influence with the CEO and company board than ever before. Now is the opportunity to leverage this seat at the table to demonstrate the importance of embedding security considerations into wider business initiatives. This requires smart investments that will drive efficiency, provide them with the capabilities to secure digital transformation, and deliver the insights into their ecosystem needed to take decisive action. However, this is no easy feat. Companies are looking to shift three-year digital transformation roadmaps to three-month sprints to maintain business continuity and support a newly-minted distributed workforce and remote operations.

In this discussion with Duncan Brown, vice president of IDC EMEA and global security research program leader, we cover:

  • How to embed security considerations in future digital business strategies
  • Moving from digital transformation to security transformation in the post-pandemic enterprise
  • In light of macroeconomic conditions and learnings from Covid-19 lockdowns, what should security organizations be doing to build resilience, drive efficiencies and reduce risk?
  • With 20,000+ new vulnerabilities introduced in 2020, how are security leaders rethinking their approach to security posture management?
  • During lock-downs, security teams added workloads to the cloud, reconfigured corporate networks, and deployed new technologies – all at light speed. How has this activity introduced cybersecurity and compliance risk?

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