Using Skybox Solutions to Achieve PCI Compliance

Achieve efficient and effective PCI compliance by automating required controls and processes.

Companies that process, store, or transmit credit card numbers face real day-to-day challenges in implementing the requirements as specified by the PCI DSS. 

Today's manual techniques introduce an unbearable trade-off to these organizations – severe penalties for non-compliance or heavy cost in becoming compliant.

The critical ingredients of cost effective PCI DSS compliance are:

  • Minimizing the assessment scope to the cardholder environments only, with the assistance of Network Assurance.
  • Proving the effectiveness of existing compensating controls in mitigating the exploitation of critical vulnerabilities, with the assistance of Risk Control.
  • Automating firewall and network compliance analysis process, with the assistance of Firewall Assurance and Network Assurance.

This whitepaper discusses efficient and effective PCI Compliance using automated solutions.