Gartner report discusses cybersecurity lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic

According to Gartner, “Due to COVID-19, enterprises are rapidly adopting new digital technologies to reset their strategies, resulting in new cybersecurity risks.”

As a consequence, most security teams have had to rapidly reprioritize their roadmaps and investments, massively disrupting their planned programs of work. The pandemic has reinforced the critical need for security programs that are agile enough to react to minor and major extraneous shocks.*

In this Gartner report, learn why security and risk management leaders must develop agile programs that manage the challenges of this seismic shift and prepare for the next major disruption.

Gain key insights* into:

  • Adopting agile security and risk governance practices to enable distributed-risk decision making.
  • Changing management and tactical planning to be more responsive to changes in the environments in which they operate.
  • Publishing a security operating model to reduce the risks inherent in rapid decision making.

* Gartner, Implement an Agile Cybersecurity Program: Lessons Learned From the Covid-19 Pandemic, Tom Scholtz, Richard Addiscott, Sam Olyaei, 8 September 2020

Download this Gartner report to learn how to implement an agile cybersecurity program